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Name: Jenna Email: 
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Country: MERCED, CA  Date: 10 May 2009 00:30:21 GMT

Comment: I absolutely love Toni's Courtyard Cafe. Usually when I go, I'll get the Classic Turkey. It's delicious! The service is great and the food is wonderful! :)

Name: roberta Email:
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Country: USA  Date: 4 Aug 2009 21:26:08 GMT

Comment: My family and I love Toni's. Food is delicious and the service is wonderful. They are also so wonderful with my children when we take them there. I, as a mom, appreciate that. Toni, I believe, took my baby son back to the kitchen and he just smiled and smiled. He had fun. My sister and I make it our Saturday morning bonding time whenever possible. Love that it is organic and green whenever possible--right on down to their organic coffee. Everyone should go to Toni's!

Name: Bob and Marilyn Email:
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Country:   Date: 4 Sep 2009 04:20:22 GMT

Comment: Thank you for being there and what you do.

Name: Tammy Email:
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Country: USA  Date: 6 Sep 2009 01:13:41 GMT

Comment: Just had Toni's turkey, bacon quiche and it was absolutely fantastic!...also ordered Toni's breakfast burrito with red roasted potato, cheese, bacon and salsa..all i can say is you must try it one of the best merced has to offer..service was great...would highly recommend to take the family out for breakfast or lunch...Tammy

Name: Sally Smith Email: 
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Country:   Date: 2 Dec 2009 06:12:22 GMT

Comment: I love the atmosphere and the patio. The prices are great for the quality of food you receive. There are a few other places downtown that produce a poor quality of food and are higher priced. Toni's food is priced right for sandwiches!!

Name: The entire staff at Merced Honda        Email:
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Country: USA  Date: 10 Dec 2009 16:57:10 GMT

Comment: Who could not fall in love with Toni's. We have had Toni cater many of our Honda functions. Everyone loves her food and especially her potato salad. The entire staff is fantastic and so willing to assist with anything. Toni's is our #1 choice for a quick lunch stop and we take Honda Reps. to the restaurant for a special treat. Don't forget the seasoned fries - they are to die for. Thank goodness we have a restaurant like Ton's to call our own. Thanks Toni and gang for always taking care of us. Bob, Gary & Cindee - Merced Honda

Name: Connie Email: 
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Country: USA  Date: 3 Feb 2010 05:52:45 GMT

Comment: The Courtyard Cafe is the BEST! Lot's have tried, but nobody can duplicate Toni's charm and her delicious menu. It's hard to pass up the CA Egg Scramble for breakfast. The Chicken Salad is truly just like Grandmas! Always a great choice to go to eat at Toni's Courtyard Cafe!

Name: Kelly C. Email: 
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Country: USA Date: 18 Feb 2010 05:49:16 GMT

Comment: Love this place and have been coming here for years. The best thing about Toni's is the consistency of the meals. I love the Classic Turkey with Potato Salad and the Tuscan Chicken. The Classic is full of turkey, cream cheese, cranberry sauce and walnuts on a soft french bread. The Tuscan has chicken that is always moist and flavorful its on homemade fococcia bread. I am never disappointed when I bring a guest and feel very comfortable eating alone. Love the decor and the servers-Paula is always nice and remembers to bring my Sports Tea without having to ask. Thanks.

Name: Gary C Email:
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Country: MERCED  Date: 20 Feb 2010 03:47:49 GMT

Comment: Went to Toni's with some friends today and it was full at 12:15, but the host said we could sit outside. Well, out to the new covered patio we three went and it was nice, heaters, plants and other diners enjoying lunch. Today was the cream of green chili soup day and talk about different. I do like their soups but this is the best.Today I had the BBQ pulled pork with soup. The sandwich was loaded with pork and a great homemade sauce-sweet & spicy. Great flavor. Friends had Bacon Avocado Burger with sweet potato fries and the grilled salmon salad. They both loved their meal. We really appreciate the basket of freshly baked warm rolls. Nice treat that you don't get at most cafes.

Name: Cassandra G. Email: 
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Country:   Date: 23 Feb 2010 04:49:49 GMT

Comment: Where do I start. I went to this cafe today with my parents and a cousin. I walked through the door and was greeted right away. My seating was going to take a few moments so instead of just standing around I was kindly handed a menu to look at what I would like to order for lunch. The hostess continued to keep me informed of my spot in line for a table. We did not wait very long at all, although as we were waiting the waiter came and took our order. We were seated and asked promptly what we would have to drink. I ordered the french dip with side salad and it was incredible. There was an amazing flavor and I ate the entire meal. We were checked on by the waitress a few times and received continuous refills on our drinks. The food is more than flavorful and I will be visiting again in the near future. I left full and very happy. Made going out to lunch with my old parents the best lunch I've had in a long time. Go Toni's

Name: CINDEE Email:
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Country:   Date: 25 Feb 2010 00:38:42 GMT

Comment: Toni's 5 Star Adult Grilled Cheese is to die for. A must on Fridays during Lent. GIve it a try...

Name: Kimberley Email: 
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Country:   Date: 2 Mar 2010 08:226:41 GMT

Comment: "My Favorite Things" - Fav Menu Item? Hmmmm. Everything on the right side of the menu. Oh yeah, and most of the left. There's still some things I have yet to try.LOVE the Tri tip sand and pasta salad the most. Breakfast, The California Scramble. No matter what Quiche is the special for the day, it's always yummy but since I love spicy, I think the green chili is my favorite quiche.

Name: Mari Email: 
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Country:   Date: 10 Mar 2010 02:28:01 GMT

Comment: Fireworks in your mouth! In this day and age of over stated this and over stated that, words can not begin to document the extra ordinary craftsmen ship and attention to detail expressed by Toni and friendly staff. Do yourself the favor and come experience what has continued to bring me back and pleasantly look forward to as I drive from Fresno. Simply put WELL DONE !

Name: Scott P. Email: 
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Country:   Date: 20 Mar 2010 04:32:49 GMT

Comment: Toni's cafe is truly as good as it gets for cafe's in Merced. Food, ambiance and price are all simply great. If you want food made with love and a twist and also time to relax and enjoy simple pleasures like eating, Toni's is for you. My personal favorite is the 10k sandwich (but with the french bread)--unbelievable how they make something good, great!

Name: Donna Email: 
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Country:   Date: 22 Mar 2010 02:07:31 GMT

Comment: I found Toni's Courtyard Cafe from the internet. What a find it turned out to be. The atmosphere, food and service was wonderful. Turning fifty and joining Face Book brought many class mates back together.3 of us attended school in the Bay Area (Milpitas) Kindergarten thru senior year High School. Well as most people do we loose touch and relocate. Well 3 of us are now living off the 99. So Merced was the center point for us to meet. I just want to Thank everyone at Toni"s from staff to patrons. We had a great time spending time in your town. We are all ready looking forward to a return trip.

Name: Lisa LeRay Email:
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Country: USA  Date: 27 Mar 2010 19:33:19 GMT

Comment: Purchased the Organic County Oatmeal and the Cinnamon Raisin Bread today and we have not stopped eating the loaves! Delicious, moist and the texture is smooth. This bread doesn't even need butter. Finally great homemade bread in Merced!

Name: Michele L. Email: 
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Country:   Date: 2 Apr 2010 02:32:46 GMT

Comment: Great service (friendly, fast, and helpful). Yummy food (A lot of variety & great taste). Wonderful prices (Priced same as Ihop & Denny's...but prepared w/ more quality) Nice staff (They made me feel welcome). Beautiful environment (Pretty decorations w/ a cozy feel) They close at 3ish, so make sure you get there for breakfast, brunch, or lunch.

Name: Larry & Liz Garcia Email: 
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Country:   Date: 11 Apr 2010 00:17:06 GMT

Comment: Went to Merced's Farmers Market for the first time last week. We got the BEST BREADS from Toni's Bakery. A loaf of Country Oatmeal, a Baguette, a sweet Pumpkin Bread and Cinnamon Raisin for breakfast. The whole family loved every bite and the bread was gone by the next day. Wished we would have purchased two of each! You can tell it was handmade. The girls were very friendly and gave us samples. We have decided to make this our weekend routine. We are excited and can't wait for next weekend!!!

Name: Brandon M. Email: 
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Country:   Date: 14 Apr 2010 03:55:27 GMT

Comment: One of my favorite local breakfast/lunch stops! The food is always amazing, and staff is very friendly! I love the French toast for breakfast, and the Turkey Cranberry sandwich for lunch! The candied walnuts, cranberries, and cream cheese.... amazing! Give it a taste!

Name: Dennis W. Email: 
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Country:   Date: 15 Apr 2010 02:33:35 GMT

Comment: Come here for BREAKFAST! Today we had a wonderful breakfast and could hardly get out of our chairs. Maybe we ordered a bit much but it was hard to decide what to get. When you first walk in you stare at a case full of Dessert's, we wanted to eat them all. So, to start we shared a freshly baked Cinnamon Roll-soft and warm full of cinnamon sugar and raisins with a light orange icing oozing over the whole thing. Not to sweet, good density but light at the same time.

Name: Dennis W. (part 2) Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country:   Date: 15 Apr 2010 02:35:18 GMT

Comment: The coffee is good and full flavored and her Mocha was great. Refills kept coming and I am a coffee drinker when the coffee is good. I had the short stack of blueberry pancakes that overflowed the plate, its the biggest stack I have seen in awhile. Great flavor and full of large blueberries. Also had scrambled eggs which were cooked right and crispy thick bacon. My wife had the Veggie breakfast burrito with chucks of veggies, eggs, potatoes, cheese and packed with flavor.

Name: Dennis W. (part 3) what can I say..... Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country:   Date: 15 Apr 2010 02:37:05 GMT

Comment: The homemade salsa and sour cream comes on the side which she liked, or you can ask to have them toss it in the burrito. The breakfast potatoes were nicely cooked and also had good flavor. . The server was friendly even though it was pretty busy. We usually go to Atwater for breakfast, but this is much better. A great find. Even though we were waddling out we managed to buy two extra cinnamon rolls and a bag of coffee to take home for the it morning yet?

Name: T.M. Email: 
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Country:   Date: 16 Apr 2010 01:47:59 GMT

Comment: Toni's Courtyard Cafe is one of the best places to eat in Merced. Me and my friends have come in on a couple of different occasions now and every single time we haven't been disappointed. One day we came on a Friday in the middle of a big lunch rush. There were a bunch of people waiting at the door and we almost left because we didn't think we would be able to get a table, but we were seated within minutes. Our food was fresh, hot and delicious.

Name: Monika S. Email: 
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Country:   Date: 6 May 2010 20:31:51 GMT

Comment: I was taken to Toni's for my bday a couple yrs. back & now i cant stop going back! My fav. is the Monterey Chicken sandwhich..excellent & the service is fantastic!

Name: BEST IN TOWN! Email: 
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Country:   Date: 3 Jun 2010 04:40:01 GMT

Comment: I love everything about Toni's Courtyard Cafe & Bakery! It is a must try if you haven't dined at Toni's. Toni makes the best EVERYTHING!

Name: Felton & Dayy P. Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: ATWATER, CA  Date: 18 Jun 2010 03:23:45 GMT

Comment: If you havenít had a chance to try Toniís you are truly missing out. My husband and I enjoy dining there on mornings before a busy work day. For years I thought Toniís only served breakfast until recently. After some late morning appointments we drove by Toniís and to my surprise they were serving lunch. I had the best grill cheese ever & there was more than enough for leftovers. Thanks Toniís for the great meals & deals (love the buy one get one free desserts as well!!)

Name: Joy Gort Email:
Welcome Page:   
Country: UNITED STATES  Date: 23 Jun 2010 22:08:37 GMT

Comment: Very professional service. Service you can count on and great tasting food! Thank you to Toni, Scott and the rest of the staff. Awesome!

Name: CINDEE Email:
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Country: USA  Date: 25 Jun 2010 21:29:14 GMT


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Country: USA  Date: 8 Sep 2010 15:49:42 GMT

Comment: So, Scott is out of control with his cookie making skills. They are amazing especially when he puts extra frosting on them. When we need a fix which is almost twice a week we head for the "Cookie Jar". This is what we call Scott's cookies. A must for long afternoons when we need a fix. DELICIOUS...

Name: Ed Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: USA  Date: 16 Sep 2010 23:15:45 GMT

Comment: The only thing missing is Austrian Wiener Schnitzel with lemon wedges! Thank You for serving Merced with delicious meals. Your intergrated approach to delivering the freshest and farm picked ingredients do make your meals a Gold Medal Winner! Thank you Toni's Courtyard Cafe for giving us a little bit of the Napa Valley here in Merced.

Name: bESSIE Email:
Welcome Page:   
Country: USA  Date: 27 Jun 2011 18:20:00 GMT

Comment: Merced's County is Blessed to have Toni's Courtyard Cafe & Bakery there is none other like your Yummy foods !

Name: Tenaya Email: 
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Country:   Date: 15 Nov 2011 19:42:58 GMT

Comment: I am living in Merced part time for work, and I am not sure what I would do with Toni's Courtyard Cafe! I think I eat there at least once a day. The food is ALWAYS fresh and delicious, and Toni and her staff are polite, friendly, and just good people! And when I can actually escape the office for a "real" lunch, it's great place to sit and eat. THANK YOU for everything!!!!!

Name: Erica Email: 
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Country:   Date: 28 Jan 2012 00:18:57 GMT

Comment: Stopped by this morning for coffee and also a small loaf of carrot zucchini bread. Both super good, cheaper than starbucks and the parking is so much easier. We also enjoy the blueberry pancakes. Always clean and friendly.

Name: Amor Email: 
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Country: USA  Date: 22 Apr 2012 06:01:57 GMT

Comment: My family and I stopped for breakfast on our way home from Yosemite.....absolutely delicious! Great atmosphere....loved it!

Name: tim bird Email:
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Country: USA  Date: 30 Nov 2012 04:21:06 GMT

Comment: Timothy L. Bird WOW. I visited Toni's Courtyard cafe and Bakery today in downtown Merced. This is a AWESOME local business. Not only did the waitress know the menu very well, she was very good at what she does. The menu was very clean and simple and even talked about gluten free foods but also addressed if I might have some allergies I might have. I highly recommend this place to have fresh food. They even put on their menu the local organic farms that they get their veggies from. A true local winner in my opinion.

Name: Michael Tuttle Email:
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Country:   Date: 19 Dec 2012 20:28:56 GMT

Comment: I've been coming here every month for at least three years, always a treat. The food is excellent and never disappoints,... And the staff is fantastic. One of my most favorite places to visit. Don't wait, don't hesitate, come to Toni's.

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